Stylish Lamp Shades 3D Prints

Lamps were invented to provide light sources for life. As the times progress, they are no longer simply lighting, and lamps with a sense of design can not only show personal taste, but also improve mood and sleep. Even some people do not hesitate to spend high prices to buy lamps with artistic and unique designs. This is 3D printing that is another great way to express your personality and artistic taste while saving a lot of money.

In this blog, you will be amazed at the cham of technology to create so many off-the-market and non-mass-produced artworks. To share unique lamp shades 3D prints, numbers of models were collected, ranging from table lamps to ceiling lamps, from plants to animals, from easy to hard.

The follow-up will be updated from time to time, because there will always be new and innovative ideas.

1. Jellyfish

Jellyfish Lamp 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, unellenu)

This 3D printed jellyfish table lamp looks vivid, like a dancer in a lantern dress to dance lightly and gracefully at night. Printing the model separately will be the best. It is comprised of three parts: the jellyfish top, the tentacles and the lamp base. The base is from IKEA HEMMA, and the domed shade is designed using fractal techniques and traditional 3D computer aided design methods to create such a fascinating lighting feature, according to the designer's description.

2. Chasing Butterfly

Cat is Chasing Butterfly 3D Model
(Image source: ANYCUBIC, Cat file & Butterfly file)

How can you turn your garden into a fairy tale? Let a cute cat guard your home! This naughty cat is pouncing on a lake-blue butterfly, and starlight adorns your night dreams. This garden model is created by a talented 3D art designer from Anycubic, comprised of two parts: the cat and the butterfly. The cat is painted in grey, also painting in beige is a good choice for brighter light. The bottom of the cat is hollow to fit into a LED candle, while the bottom of the butterfly can be stick with a small LED beam to create a dreamy effect. Bring this inspiration to your living area!

Let's watch a video from Anycubic YouTube channel.

3. Fire-breathing Dragon

Fire-breathing Dragon 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, bozzman)

Inspired by Game of Thrones, the drogon fire dragon lamp is sliced into several parts to be printed by FDM printer and glued together. However, assembly can be easier, as long as you use a resin printer, the black dragon printed in one-piece with rich details can come true, instead of appearing rough.

Here's a video from Anycubic YouTube channel to see how we challenged this model. We used Anycubic Kobra Plus to print the flame base and equipped with an LED tealight, while using Anycubic Photon M3 Plus to print the whole dragon with Anycubic black UV resin.

4. Bridge

Bridge LED Shape
(Image source: Thingiverse, Opossums)

In order to control shadows while doing assembly and soldering works, the creator spent some time learning from old Roman architecture, to design the base for the bridge and the shades for LEDs, instead of simply gluing LED strip to aluminium bar. This is an upgraded version, easier to print and assemble. As to print settings, it needs supports, no raft, and 15% infill set.

5. Chandelier

Chandelier 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, Anna Afanasjeva)

This fantastic chandelier is made of PLA, which will be a hard test of the makers' ability to assemble, as it has up to 39 parts! It is nice of the designer to post assembly instructions. You'll need lots of hot glue to mount the parts of leaves and branches. In addition, strong cyanoacrylate glue is also required to securely join trunk parts together. Finally put a 10 watt light bulb in the middle of the chandelier.

6. Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Tree Topper 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, MakerBot)

Christmas is coming! A shiny star tree topper is the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your Christmas trees. It is a very interesting structure based on a rhombicuboctahedron with spikes filled with glitters and glued to it. Print by PLA, with no supports or rafts. Check it out if you want more instructions.

7. Pinecone

Pinecone Lamp 3D Model
(Image source: cults, BETUCANPRITNTHAT)

Inspired by the shapes of pinecone and dragon's egg, this glowing and quirky lighting adds a little fun to your living space. For the printing, use white PLA and set the model at 0.2 mm layer height with 20% infill. For the preassemble, check if leaves are placed correctly as the designer's print shown, then glue them together. Finally, make sure the bulb's maximum temperature should be lower than filament you choose.

8. Futuristic

Futuristic Lamp 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, Flowr)

The bedside lamp comes with two STL files: bottom and shade, remixed from jnaulet. The designer, Flowr, used RGB lights that can be controlled by phone for whatever color you want, creating a futuristic vibe. Look inside, a layer of aluminum foil was applied to the bottom, probably to make it darker for better sleep and good mood.

9. Minimalistic

Minimalistic Lamp 3D Model
(Image source: Thingiverse, paulvanviegen)

The pendant lighting looks simple but attractive, modern but a little retro. Its parts need to be printed separately with no supports or rafts, and 20% infill is suggested, then snap them together. Of course, it is possible to add hot glue after assembly and use only the LEDs, just to be on the safe side. The designer said, the lamp had to be printable on a 20 x 20 cm (7,87 ") build plate. Here the Anycubic Kobra Series is highly recommended, even the smallest machine with print sizes up to 22 x 22 cm.

10. Voronoi

Voronoi Lamp 3D Model
(Image source: cults, FELICITYANNE)

What an incredible and fancy table lamp! Putting such a dazzling decoration with voronoi pattern on desk is perfect for taking beautiful photos at home, adding spice to life. Like most of the lamps in this list, you need to prepare other accessories, it requires E26 base lamp holder and light bulb. Unfortunately, the designer only gave a link to buy the accessories, not much description about the print settings.

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