Anycubic High Speed Resin 5-20kg Deals
Anycubic High Speed Resin 5-20kg Deals
Anycubic High Speed Resin 5-20kg Deals
Anycubic High Speed Resin 5-20kg Deals

Anycubic High Speed Resin 5-20kg Deals

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● Print Up To 3X Faster
● Sturdy & Strong, Ensure Model Details
● Speedy & Stable, Clean At Ease
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Resin & PLA Multi-Bottle Deals Order Instructions:

  1. Due to high demand in Black Friday & Cyber Monday, some colors may out of stock. In order to arrange shipping soon, we may exchange black, white, gray or upgraded resin/filaments with the same color in stock. Please note in your order if you have any issues.
  2. If you choose the color type as "Random" and do not make a note, we will ship in random colors, which may contain one or more colors.
  3. If you choose the color type as "Random" and want to make a note, please specify quantity and required color. For example: "10 kg gray" or "5 kg black and 5 kg White".
  4. If the color you noted is unavailable, to ensure you receive your order without any delays, we will randomly select an available color to send to you.
  5. Shipments will be processed with what you ordered in certain quantity. If product is out of stock, we will email you in time.
  6. Any issues, please feel free to contact us at

Resin/PLA Special Offer Price List

Product Total price (£) Unit price (£)
5kg 10kg 20kg 5kg 10kg 20kg
Colored UV Resin £89 £159 £289 £17.8 £15.9 £14.45
Plant-based UV Resin £99 £169 £299 £19.8 £16.9 £14.95
Water-Wash Resin+ £99 £169 £299 £19.8 £16.9 £14.95
ABS-Like Resin+ £109 £179 £309 £21.8 £17.9 £15.95
ABS-Like Resin V2 £119 £209 £399 £23.8 £20.9 £19.95
ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 £109 £189 £359 £21.8 £18.9 £17.95
High Clear Resin £119 £209 £399 £23.8 £20.9 £19.95
UV Tough Resin £125 £239 £459 £25 £23.9 £22.95
DLP Craftsman Resin £109 £189 £359 £21.8 £18.9 £17.95
High Speed Resin £129 £219 £409 £25.8 £21.9 £20.45
PLA £69 £129 £249 £13.8 £12.9 £12.45
High Speed PLA £119 £199 £369 £23.8 £19.9 £18.45

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Product Description

Anycubic High Speed Resin
3X Faster Printing Speed
Print Up To 3X Faster
Specially developed for Anycubic Photon Mono M5s. Its low viscosity and high activity contribute to decreasing exposure and curing time, realizing a 3X faster printing experience.
Print Testing
1 Hour Printing Test
3X faster printing speed happens, when printed with Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1 (or higher) and Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Setting at 0.1 mm layer thickness and 2 mm shell perforation and extraction. Data from Anycubic Lab, for reference only.
Speedy and Stable Resin
Speedy And Stable
The low-viscosity feature enables it to take away heat through rapid flow when the platform is raised and lowered, preventing local overheating, and at the same time reflows quickly to ensure printing accuracy.
Sturdy and Strong Resin
Sturdy And Strong
When building models, the High Speed Resin is not easily deformed, which endows excellent rigidity to the prints, ensuring a precise presentation of the model details.
Easy to Clean the Resin
Clean At Ease
The low viscosity of Anycubic High Speed Resin means that it is more soluble in alcohol, allowing for quicker cleaning and a cleaner model surface.
Leak-proof Resin
Reliable And Safe
The bottle is designed to be leak-proof, and the strict packaging process reduces the risk of damage during transportation.
Resin Printing Comparison model display resin specification Recommended Printing Parameters Instruction for UsePrecautions