High-Performance Applications

Both a designer and a helper in your life

Universal Material

Outstanding Performance, Remarkable Details

Our standard resin offers users a customizable formula, ensuring that the final products are not only of superior quality but also boast fine details and ample durability.

  • Standard Resin V2

    Outstanding affordability, catering to the diverse needs of the majority of models in the market.

  • Plant-Based Resin

    An eco-conscious resin with minimal odor, primarily derived from soybean, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly printing experience.

  • Water-Wash Resin+

    Post-printing, models can effortlessly undergo water-based post-processing, ensuring an exceptionally convenient and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Engineering Materials

Functional Prototyping Materials

Our diverse range of engineering resins is versatile and dependable, designed to help you cut costs, expedite iterations, and enhance overall user experiences.

  • ABS-Like Resin Pro 2

    Perfectly balanced toughness and strength, making it an ideal choice for 3D printing functional models used in everyday tools and applications.

  • ABS-Like Resin V2

    Versatility for tool-type printing, plus the convenience of water-washable post-processing. Please note: Mechanical properties may be slightly lower compared to ABS-Like Pro 2.

  • UV Tough Resin 2.0

    With a remarkable 50% increase in toughness compared to the first generation, this resin delivers optimized strength. Perfect for printing relatively flexible models in tool-type applications.

Figure Material

Precision Crafting Material

From imaginative concepts to casting masterpieces, this material crafts detailed prototypes and produces unique and standout works of art.

  • High Clear Resin

    A clear resin with a consistent transparent finish, free from yellowing.

  • DLP Craftsman Resin

    Vibrant color, ideal for creating anime character models.

  • Ultra Tough Resin

    Currently the toughest among consumer-grade resins, designed for flawlessly printing intricate, hair-like structures.