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Inspired by Anycubic' s vision — "For Freedom to Make" — the project is the company' s 3D printing education incubator founded in Shenzhen on September 2, 2020. It demonstrates Anycubic' s aspiration of helping everyone achieve the freedom of creation and invention using 3D printing technologies.

Deemed Anycubic' s first high-tech 3D printing incubator, the project aims to support 3D printing basic research and training, and create a 3D printing education ecological circle to encourage more people to explore the applications of 3D printing in different areas. Support will include 3D printing products, printing services and consultancy, among others.

Incubated partners will hail from various sectors including but not limited to universities, research institutes, and enterprises. This project indicates Anycubic's perseverance in exploring the 3D printing world and boosting the development of innovation in the economy and society.


Addressing the barriers to STEM education will require a collective effort from both institutions and 3D providers, in which we leverage effectively our resources to initiate four 3D printing camps this summer.

The first camp ceremony was held at Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science on April 23 followed by 3 online boot camps known as "ANYCUBIC X Yale Funbotics 3D Modeling and Printing Camp". Guided by Yale mentors, in all boot camps, the students will learn about the inner workings of 3D printers and how to 3D model as well as 3D print their creations.

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The Bigger Picture with Education Incubation Project

Promoting 3D printing education and research is a marathon not a sprint. The partnership with Yale Funbotics is Anycubic' s first port of call and the company will continue to work hard to sponsor cooperation with more global universities, research institutes, enterprises, and academic organizations of a global nature and help them achieve success in exploring the world.

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